Cell Banking

We are currently in the process of setting up FDA approved protocols for stem cell banking in collaboration with a reputable cryo-technology company. This enables a person to receive autologous stem cells at any time in the future without having to undergo liposuction which may be inconvenient or contraindicated. Having your own stem cells available for medical immediate use is a valuable medical asset.

Provisions are nearly in place for this option and storage of your own stem cells obtained by liposuction at PSCTC or from fat obtained from cosmetic procedures performed elsewhere should be possible in the near future.

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Offering Mesenchymally derived Institutional Review Board stem cell treatment protocols at our conveniently location on Tatum Blvd. just north of the Loop-101 just across from the Desert Ridge Marketplace.

Stem Cells and the FDA

Stem cell treatment is not approved by the FDA for any specific disease. CLICK FOR DETAILS…